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Lifestyle Class

Pastor Randy will be teaching the LIfestyle Class at City of Grace in the Children's building at 7 PM on April 15th and April 22nd. Come and be blessed! We hope to see you there.

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Here's a few more pictures from our New Home 😄👏 ...

Hey Beautiful People!
Just a quick update... It's been just a little over three months now!
All is WELL!! We are loving our new church family! We feel so honored that God caused this thing to happen at this perfect timing. God is good. It just involves trusting Him, even when you don't know the whole picture or outcome, and then obedience and a thankful heart. It requires not looking back with regrets or even romancing the good memories. Those kind of things are what tripped up the Israelites back in the day and Lot's wife too!
I always think of it like this ~ God knows me WAY better than I know me. God has a purpose that's bigger than my ideas. He's not going to trick me, use me, or cause harm. He is for me! When I cling to that understanding of His nature, then my desires become aligned to His will and I become "less" as He becomes "greater" & "the reason". It is all about Him, His Kingdom, His purposes.. Period. Remembering that we are citizens of His Kingdom, not bound by mere earthly achievements and aspirations but ignited for a greater purpose!
Pastor Randy and I are good. This move was a promotion, not a demotion. It was a first choice not an only choice! I personally am learning and growing as well. I feel peaceful and a new maturity infiltrating my soul! Our kids are doing good too. They absolutely love the church!
Here's an update too on a few of the leaders: Walt and Sally are fitting in wonderfully, in fact, they already knew many couples! Sally is a bit of a rock star there! Daniel is doing great! He's involved in whatever is asked of him,sometimes helping out in business and often playing bass at one of the campuses. He is also leading an Alpha connect group starting this week! Eric is on the worship team and doing great!!! Gospel rapped on Easter, but has been doing youth camps that he was already scheduled for and finishing his album too. He will be more involved now. Shane is involved in creative playing drums or percussion & helps in the welcome tech center and is being raised up in Alpha and other ministries. Charity is involved in several areas from creative, sisterhood (women's ministry), singing, welcome tech center! She's doing great! There are many other of the Rock people finding their places and we are there to help them plug in!
City of Grace is an awesome, grace-filled, spirit led, joy saturated family and we are thrilled to of been "adopted" into the family.
If you haven't been there yet, we hope you will come be a part of our new family! We love the people, our pastors Terry & Judith, and the staff!!! Life is good, it's good!
P. Kim

Today we officially hand over the keys to the Guadalupe location. We've been working all week, after hours, cleaning up & donating many things to our friends church.
It's been awesome ~ but now we close this chapter & move forward into our new season, with many of you with us!
If you feel inclined to help support us so we can pay any past bills off, the website is still open and giving is secure. www.rockchurchev.com
We appreciate any gifts.
Please stay in touch.
Always in our hearts!

Our love~
P. Randy & Kim